Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scientific wine tasting part V. The literateurs

After chemists, biologists, physicists and physicians, I continue the series... Well, literateurs are probably reciting poems like "Praise of Bacchus" (God of wine in Roman mythology) by Anacreon, and then discussing the accuracy of the traduction done by Thomas Stanley in 1651 - while enjoying a bottle of wine. I just decided to make this cartoon because my Dad and brother were seriously discussing a poem last time we had a meal together... (They tried to recite it, my Dad claiming that he is unable to memorize it, my brother proving once again his fantastic brain/memory capacity by doing it, although it is not a world-famous poem of a world-famous poet, just a poem with very deep thoughts he learned some 20 years ago. And no need to add - none of them are literateurs, they learn poems just for fun...)

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