Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great announcement on lab meetings... (and the consequences)... part 3

I just want to finish this series about great announcements... I know it is not really funny, nor really scientific, but it illustrates well the relationships of the different personalities/archetypical women in science. I promise to be back next week with something really special and completely different!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great announcement on lab meetings... (and the consequences)... part 2

So let's come back to our archetypical women in science. Let's see what happens when Jane (Desperate-Housewife) announces that she is expecting a child, and what happens next... Please compare with things that happened when Amanda (Beauty) announced the same thing (but well, a minor difference, that her baby was from the boss)... And sorry, this is not a funny story, but REALITY :-(... or rather fears that become reality...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lonely hearts' ads in scientific journals - part two

As far as I can judge from the statistical data of my blog, the readers are most interested in Lonely hearts' ads, cheerleading scientists and safety instructions for laboratories... So, I decided to continue my series with lonely hearts' ads... Greetings to all of my friends/colleagues who are working hard with proteomics... Especially to women who can do science with kids. (Actually I am close to give it up...)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby names for geologists

So... After the great announcement of expecting a baby the couple has to choose christian (given) names for the offspring... I think women like to collect names for boys and girls and to give the list to the man to decide - at least this is how we've proceeded with Baby Boo... I am not sure how much you will like this cartoon, in fact it's been rather a kind of linguistic game and mockery for me... Many parents think that the best thing to do with their child to make him unique is to give him an extraordinary given name referring to special events, the place of conception, the favourite actor or rock band or anything... So I put these phenomena into the scientific context and was thinking about different scientific terms from different areas (geology, informatics, physics, chemistry, informatics, biology...) as possible girl and boy names... If the text is not easy to read please make a comment and I will change the font type. And of course I'll be back with similar comic strips soon...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great announcement on lab meetings... (and the consequences)...

This time I'll come back to the original reason and aim of this blog and I'll try to illustrate how the three archetypal women in science make their great announcement (about expecting...) and especially how their environment reacts to this... Let's start with Amanda... Sorry, the figure is too small, so please click on it to enlarge it and to see the text and the details...