Friday, September 28, 2012

Boss-Postdoc dictionary...

It was high time to start some new ideas and maybe a new comic strip series... This first time it is about a 'Boss-Postdoc' dictionary that facilitates the communication between these two lab members. (At least it helps the new postdoc to understand what his boss really means with his words...) Maybe I'll have some time to continue it with other dictionaries that are essential for each lab member to be able to correctly analyze and interpret the intentions and thoughts of the other lab members. Unfortunately I am quite busy these days, but let's hope I'll have some time to go on with this issue.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The conference luggage of the scientific escort (Miss Amanda Beauty)

The conference season is getting close to its end this year, so here comes the last, missing cartoon from my series about 'conference luggages' of different scientists. After having shown the different luggages of the boss, the scientific mum, the postdoc (Shiva Droid) and the scientific spinster, I thought it is time to show the contrast with the luggage of the scientific escort, the young and beautiful Miss Amanda Beauty, whose most important scientific contribution is to entertain the boss and create a charming, inspiring, friendly, hot and nice environment for him (and his ego). And yes, I am not only joking. I have seen such luggages and such women, and I know senior scientists who always go to conferences with young (and often alternating/changing) female companions.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Safety signs for researchers returning from holidays

By now, most scientists are back from holidays and return to lab work. (Exception: the Shiva droids who have of course spent all summer in the lab.) If holidays were long enough, scientists may need some help to find themselves out in the lab again and to recall some basic rules... Sorry it took me so long, but the realization of good ideas needs some time :-).

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby names for astronomers - part II - also suitable for astrologists

A little bit tired 'woman in science' is sending you this post... So do not wait any comments on it. But please check out the brilliant cartoon of Viktor S. Poór about Curiosity's photos.