Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4000th pageview - very very soon...

Thanks to all readers, and please comment if you have some ideas, some corrections or just some words of encouragement :-). And if you like then share it with others fighting with science (and many other things including for instance family) through their lives.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Safety signs and their interpretations by a postdoc (Shiva Droid X)

No need to comment too much. Those having gone through doctoral or postdoc years must exactly know what it means working late in the lab, staying awake with coffee (chocolate) until dawn, sleeping and living in the lab (so maybe not too much possibility for proper personal hygiene), running out of food during night and trying desperately to look for any kind of edible items in the lab or the department...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The classical joke with DNA spaghettis

Yes, this is a joke, I only put it in the lab context and in my comic strip. But I do have friends who really make fun out of eating and celebrating such meals among scientists.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby names for chemists

Being quite busy with all kind of different activities I just continue with my beloved series of baby names. This time it is for chemists that I hand over a list of suitable (or not so suitable) names. Some of them are quite OK, and of course the list is endless and could be continued...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The scientific Cinderella... - daily transformations of women in science

Holidays are far behind us now (we are just enjoying the last indian summer days), conference season is also over, so here comes the daily routine of work (and housework). This cartoon does not need too much explanation, it only demonstrates the different 'personnalities' and fashion trends represented by scientists during a day or at different special events. Sometimes I really feel that no colleague will ever recognize me in the street or on the playground when I'm in my casual outfit suitable for playing with kids, etc. On the other hand, we can really feel like Cinderella when we go alone to conferences and/or study trips, finally as a scientist and a woman and not as a mother or housewife... But then, when we return home to our beloved family (and arrive at midnight after 10 days off on a study trip as I did for the last time, that gave my inspiration for Cinderella), we got transformed into the devoted mother and housewife we used to be before... So, other women (and maybe men) in science must also know the feeling how it is to work abroad, far away from the family, at a conference or during a study trip, and how we can become real-real scientists at these relatively lonely moments, when we do not have to worry about napkins, panties, food, homeworks, cleaning duties, etc. And then, your trip is over, you come home and your daily routine and 'struggle' with science and family (and finding the equilibrium) starts again.