Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Sleeping Baby Transposon System - Inspired by Stripped Science author Viktor S. Poór

Thanks for the inspirational comment - Viktor (Stripped Science)! The transposase function among 'simple' parents is when they interchange the kid between each-other, hoping that the other will be able to put the baby to sleep...

Walking in the nature with a biologist mum...

No need for too much comment I think. Just as there is spring on the Northern Hemisphere the situation when kids ask such questions are getting more and more frequent. Here are some answers.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Women (joking) about the Sleeping Beauty Transposon System (comic? strip)

Just a strange cartoon this time - half joking, half serious, half ironic, half critical, half self-ironic, half schematic, etc. etc. Just take it as it is. A critical comic strip about female scientists discussing latest scientific breakthrough techniques. Dr. Dorothy Nevermarry is the objective scientist, Miss Amanda Beauty can only think about her Beauty, and Mrs. Science is always worrying for the future of our planet, maybe she is also a little bit against GMOs, and all kind of such works because women with kids are usually like this...

Monday, April 22, 2013

How to start up your laboratory homepage - how to do some personal branding (Ego-boost) in science as a BOSS

Maybe this cartoon is not that funny for most of us. But just recently I realized that this is how it works and finally, deep inside there are lots of ridiculous things in it. Most scientists use their homepage to boost their Ego further and further and to outline their own importance, greatness - briefly, to build their own CULT OF PERSONALITY... (Not on a Stalin level, but similar to it on their local scale.) P.S.: My dear scientist friends, if you are reading this blog and finding some criticism in these words - please take it easy, and do not hesitate to criticize me if my Ego would become too overpowering one day. PS2: I know that you have read this comment, because you've changed your homepage, great!