Friday, July 13, 2012

The conference luggage of the scientific mum

Although I did not have too much feedback on this new series, I'll continue it (right in the middle of the conference season). This time I have collected some characteristics of scientific mums (and their everyday lives) and how it influences their conference participations (and luggage preparation). Since I have become a mum I always start to pack each luggage with diapers and baby formula each time, so it is not surprising they are a must in all mum's luggage... Some toys often land (by chance) in my pocket, my handbag or in a bag, so they are also compulsory in any luggage. As an ambitious scientist I like to have nice posters in a poster tube... (and then my boss asks me to carry also his poster). One of the most important problems of scientific mums is how they'll be able to communicate with their family during the conference. Taking a laptop with you may facilitate also this. In the meantime (and while missing your beloved ones) you may simply watch the 3000 family photo compilation that you also carry all along. And I forgot to mention separately on the figure, but of course you may carry all kind of literature (real novels or scientific literature) and all kind of tasks (manuscripts to be prepared or finalized) hoping to be able to work while not having your family around...

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