Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evolution of the scientist (more exactly of the scientific boss)

I do not want to comment too much... but still... I think we all have seen at least some stages of such scientific carreer evolution. It starts with an enthusiastic young scientist working hard in the lab for 10-15 years (minimum 10 hours per day). Then this species evolves to someone who wins his own grants and spends most time with administration and maybe manuscript preparation, so he goes ahead step by step towards professorship (in some countries via the habilitation procedure as well) by progressively leaving the lab forever in the next 5-15 years. But of course for all this you need to be quite dexterous and lucky. And then, the final stage of evolution is that of the professorship (not obligatorily, and it happens in general within 1-10 years after the Homo habilis habilitatis stage). I am not at all sure that this automatically leads to wisdom ('sapientia')... It leads to a huge ego in general, to administration and further, complete alienation from the lab and the raw data and the results and this way from reality... As you can see, there is not too much space for kids and time spent at home during this carreer evolution. This is why you can see so few female professors in experimental science.


  1. Nice cartoon representation of the evolution. I am presently homo erectus laboratoriensis. ha ha ha

  2. I think that is the nicest part of the carreer. This is why this 'species' is still smiling... However, good luck with the rest...