Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nightmare of a Scientific Mum. Part 2. The Family Beasties

To tell the truth, my hubby wasn't enthusiastic about this cartoon at all... But well, women in science must exactly know this feeling, although it is hard and not nice to admit it, and we try to suppress such feelings. One of the rare successful women in science whom I know told me that family just makes you better in science, makes you better in understanding people, in team work, creativity, and of course it gives you also a strong background and support, and a place/calm harbour to relax and to recharge your batteries before your next scientific battle. Some say it is also good because your organisational skills improve and you are better at timing as well. But well, sometimes there is a very strong competition between your carreer and family ambitions, your time devoted to science or family, and so sometimes you feel this way. (And of course you feel lousy and guilty and very bad due to this, but we all have to cope with such feelings and try to do both science and family at the same time...)

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