Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nightmare of a Scientific Mum. Part 1. The Carreer Monster

Well, in fact it is true that I really feel sometimes that my carreer wants to eat up my family life. So I dedicated this cartoon to this fear. Another aspect of this cartoon is that in case of many women in science (the rare women who can survive as scientists) carreer really eats up the family life (so either they do not have any, no husband, no kids, just science) or they do have something, but they loose it progressively due to their carreer advancement.


  1. I know the feeling! Hugs.
    p.s. I got an idea about a Finnish version of baby names for scientists...

    1. I am curious about your ideas, and in our family we have plenty of invented 'surnames' in different languages as jokes. You may write me your ideas in private email to and we'll see, maybe I can prepare you this cartoon and we decide later if it is worth being posted or not... (For instance it is crucial that it should be understandable for other scientists all over the world.)
      At the beginning of this blog I thought it is enough (maybe sometimes even too much) for this blog to be a little bit 'anti-sexist', but I do not want to be discriminative in any other ways, so I thought it is better to avoid jokes about scientists from different countries or about languages. Although I know it could increase remarkably the topics and add a lot of good things to my blogs, but I would like to avoid the possibility of offending people/nations. Difficult to decide.