Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To sleep or not to sleep that is the question - scientific bedtime stories part II.

Just a logical continuation of my previous post... Yes, this is quite typical... I mean last time I started to tell a story to my kids in the dark, I remember that while falling asleep I started to mix up my next scientific talk and paper with the tale. I mean that even half-asleep and half-awake I remember telling my son things like "and then the prince found some PCR amplifiable DNA in Cinderella, oops, sorry", then I continued the story, but then again I fell into a different level of consciousness and continued again "I'm not sure what was the optimal environmental DNA sampling was done" or so :-). I'm just wondering what my kids think about me and my fairy tales at these moments. IT'S NO JOKE, IT'S REAL :-), the real life of a real scientific mum!

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