Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rat Brain Prize winners

The Brain Prize is a good and novel prize, the Nobel Prize of brain scientists. I am not that much of an animal right activist, but I always sadly thought about poor labrats who have to pay the prize of advancing science in all fields... In fact, we have understood a lot from the rat brain until now, this is why I made this cartoon and invented this posthumous and living prize for the animals. Scientists winning this prize for their outstanding work should also give a thought of the thousands of poor labrats who contributed to science with their own neuronal network... (Recently I was outcompeted by a researcher for a scientific prize... This person won with his brain anatomy works on living and then killed monkey... I was shocked to read the following sentence in the Materials and Methods part: 'Animals were then killed.' After an operation and some fluids or changes made to their brains for several weeks... I then decided that I prefer not to win anything but not doing any harm to animals...) And Patty is the rat name because in Hungarian a 'rat' is called 'patkany'.

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