Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The conference luggage of the postdoc (Shiva Droid)

Conference season is starting/going on soon, so I continue this series with the typical luggage of a postdoc (in our lab, that of a Shiva Droid). I think that I do not need to explain things for those who have ever made a postdoc. Although not necessarily to conferences, but I also often travelled with suitcases like this between different countries (and had to pay for overweight due to the tons of papers I had in my luggage). And I know postdocs who really control the laboratory instruments and their experiments (measurements) via the internet (on the mobile or from laptops even during their holidays). And of course, if you are a postdoc, nobody cares how you’ll get to a conference, anyway, you’ll probably go to a conference in a neighbouring country, but never to expensive and exclusive locations (those are of course reserved to your boss)... To be politically more correct with animals, this time I did not include lab mice in the luggage :-).

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