Monday, June 4, 2012

Instructions for the successful PhD entrance exam

Finally I'm back to my original topic/subject (about sexism in science). Sorry, but I think that this cartoon is not a joke, but often reality. For male PhD students it is important to know things, to be able to understand and to answer questions, to think about things, to have your own ideas and to work well. Male PhD students should preferably be ugly, otherwise they may represent a kind of threat (competition) to the elderly boss, so he won't let them survive. In case of women - according to my observations - much less (and on the other hand much more) is enough (is needed). If you are willing to give adoration, understanding and consolation to old and lonely (however, often married) scientists (the boss), then the success of your entrance exam is granted, and you are just at the beginning of a nice and fruitful scientific carreer...

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