Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas (New Year's Eve) party at the lab - safety signs...

I hesitated a lot about posting this comics now or just directly before Christmas... But finally I decided to post it now, so that people can already use it at Xmas parties in the lab if they like or send it to their colleagues  (or to other 'lab rats' :-)) to wish them merry Christmas... As I noticed my cartoons need some time to get to their audience anyway... That is it for now shortly. I am not complaining, my life is quite fine, I am happy in my family life and my carreer finally did not stop during the maternity leave. (Thanks first of all to my huge efforts, to the help and understanding of my hubby and family, the support of a few colleagues - I may even call them friends - and also to this blog that is a kind of psychotherapy for me.)
   This blog has been inspired 1 year ago by the blog of Viktór S. Poór entitled 'Stripped Science' ( Viktor celebrated recently his 30th birthday along with the 4th birthday of his blog! Happy birthday to both of you!
    And thanks a lot for the 5000th pageview on my blog!

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