Monday, November 14, 2011

The Ultimate and Endless Game for Writing Scientific Papers - comic strip

I've been working on this comic strip since a month or two, but now I decided to finalize and post it. Not too much comments needed, of course this is just a comic strip about the normal process of writing scientific papers and how it is done. Many things are normal in this process, but seen from the freshman's point of view this is sometimes how it looks like (it ain't funny). There could have been endless "repetitions", "cycles", "turn back to this point and start again" things in it, but finally I said that for the moment this is enough, I do not want to make it more complicated, this is not the aim of it. (Answering 'Tamil Baby Names's' comment: unfortunately I have no idea how to subscribe for email notifications but maybe you should try to become a follower of this blog...) Please share, comment and enjoy while being in a 10-year-long project of manuscript preparation!

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