Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ultimate Game for Women in Science - The Baby Project...

Everyone's on holidays (at least on the northern hemisphere)... We experience all kind of games, so - inspired by 'The PhD Game' ( - I prepared this one. I hope it'll make everyone think a little bit about the life of women in science. Please read carefully and think it over... However and after all, this game is the best game I have ever played in my life, the only disadvantage is, that this game has some negative impacts on my career (and of course this part is outlined in this game). But I think that no Nobel prize or no promotion could ever bring such happiness to my life as Baby Boo, and that this is the Ultimate Experience that women should not miss if possible (even if they choose a scientific career). To start the game I advice you to throw away the insanity of believing that science is more important than love.
I deliberately did not use too much interrelations/logical links between the different independent "events" and decided to use mostly the option of missing turns to demonstrate how the presence of a baby influences your work. In fact, having a baby is only making your career develop slower, but is not a problem itself in other ways. If you are very determined (enthusiastic and workaholic) you will be able to make it (and probably you will not fail as a mum either). However, undeniably you will progress slower than your male colleagues. This is all that I wanted to show and to demonstrate (with the addition of some negative or positive points that I had also experienced). But if you have started the game, you have to be patient and determined to go through it. Try to relax, to accept this situation with all its advantages and disadvantages, laugh about it and enjoy being the mum of a small baby... Probably your child is the greatest achievement of your life. :-)

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